Hello, and welcome to our Golden Age Construction website. We are a general building contractor company located in the city of La Puente, California. We are normally provided our construction services within 60 miles radius of the City of Los Angeles. However, if you have any sizable project and would like to consider working with us we would be happy to help. Please take a moment and brows through our service information pages. If you need to request certain information regarding our services please feel free to send us an email or call us.

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In any economy, having your home or your business place built within a set budget but still keeping all the desired features and the integrity of the building structure is always indeed important. Also, no matter how well your project planned and designed unexpected problems will always arise during construction for any project, big or small. To find the right contractor for your project to meet your financial objective and help you to tackle any unforeseen technical problem is not always an easy task. To meet these objectives, it required a highly adaptable and dynamic contractor to take charge and find the best solutions for you.

Golden Age Construction committed to provide to our customers our utmost professional and reliable construction services. Whether building to meet your set budget or finding solution for technical problems encountered during construction we will always there for you. Our company’s solutions to meet these objectives are built on the foundation of our many years experience in construction management and land development, our up-to-date knowledge of States and City’s code compliance, and our cost effective first rate suppliers and sub-contractors.

Services Overview

At Golden Age Construction, we are committed to provide our clients the most reliable and professional construction services. With our many years of experience in full on-site construction management and land development, we effectively schedule, monitor, and inspect all works to ensure codes compliance with States and Cities. We work effectively with bankers, architects, engineers, sub-contractors, inspectors, and city officials to ensure a smooth transition for our clients from start to completion of the projects. We can also help you with selecting a right designer or architect for your project if you don’t already have one. For those clients who are borrowing construction loan, we can also write up itemized cost breakdown and attend meeting with your lender to help you through construction loan process.

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